American Matrix
American Matrix specializes in efficient and cost effective thermoplastic composite processing, offering our licensed technologies as well as unique molding and fabrication systems. Our product offerings have been enhanced through years of experience in designing processes and tooling for high-temperature PEEK and PPS composites as well as for lower-temperature PA and PP resins. We typically offer continuous carbon and glass fiber reinforcements.

We guide you through the concept phase and then provide prototype fabrication, pilot-scale production, and full-scale production services.  At any time along this sequence we can transfer the technology and equipment to your facility or continue to make parts for you at ours.  It is your choice.
Business Focus
American Matrix markets Thermoplastic Composite Technology & Products. These words concisely define the scope of our business. Our menu of specific product offerings:
  1. Molding machines and technology customized to meet customers’ specific applications. We provide all the ancillary equipment and fixtures. The technology license is packaged in accordance with the “Factory-in-a-Box” concept.
  2. Technology licenses to make certain methods or processes available to customers with existing facilities.
  3. Tooling and fixtures designed and furnished for our technology partners. This offering includes process and product design.
  4. Prototype and pilot production molding to get our customer into the market and comfortable with the technology and equipment.
  5. Production molding on select specialty projects such as medical implants, electronic equipment covers, and pump vanes.
  6. Develop strategic relationships for production and marketing in some markets such as medical and aerospace.
For companies wishing to adapt this technology, American Matrix’s concept provides a quicker path to market with considerably less risk than the “DIY” approach.  We can also provide contract manufacturing for companies that do not want captive processing so that you do not tie up your working capital in equipment or in the management and engineering effort required to assimilate the technology and process.
Thermoplastic composite technology has grown from NASA-driven research beginning in the early 1980s. The goal there was to develop a means of incorporating thermoplastic resins into a continuous fiber reinforced composite. This is difficult due to the high viscosity of the resin and the extreme temperatures required for processing. Also, it was quickly found that it was equally difficult to form this new material into a molded finished part. This obstacle was viewed as an opportunity by American Matrix and its founder, Robert Davies.
Prior to forming American Matrix, Robert Davies was a co-founder and Technical Director of a startup materials company that eventually became Applied Fiber Systems. It was formed to commercialize technology originally developed at Georgia Tech. Its charter was to commercialize a flexible thermoplastic composite prepreg.
Davies was with Applied Fiber for 10 years until he left in early 2000. During this time he developed the production process and invented the patented process used to make the thermoplastic composite material known as TowFlex (Hexcel Trademark). Applied Fiber Systems has since been purchased by Hexcel Corporation, a large international materials company.
Since 2000 American Matrix has developed several methods for thermoplastic molding. These methods have been successfully applied in several market segments including aerospace, medical, electronics, automotive, and industrial. Making products for each of these segments presented unique design and performance challenges. This in turn required that we develop specialized process methods and tooling design. This experience has taught us that there is an equilibrium that must be maintained to achieve consistent quality parts in an economically feasible manner. We have mastered the equilibrium paradox that can represent a significant barrier to others entering the market. American Matrix’s new charter is to leverage its knowledge estate in a multi-threaded effort sharply focused on our core competency; Thermoplastic Composite Processing.

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