Technology & Equipment
NEW! Introducing the PDMS Molding System
The Progressive Discreet Molding System (PDMS) is specifically designed to mold any TPC material with the fastest cycle times while generating the highest ratio of revenue to capital investment of any system.

The PDMS Advantage:
  • Molds any TPC material: UD tape, woven fabric, mat, and chopped
  • Featuring fast cycle times, low-mass tools can be cycled 20 or more times per hour
  • Multi-cavity molds can be used to make smaller parts for very high yields
  • Low-cost matched metal molds available, designed for maximum efficiency and durability
  • Small footprint
  • Modular components designed to adapt to wide range of mold sizes
  • Minimum setup time required when changing molds
  • The best return on investment of any system
  • Tailored systems for your needs and budget
    • Fully automated PC or PLC control, depending on features selected
    • Semi-automatic systems available for lower-volume budget systems
    • One- or two-stage systems for low volume or three-stage systems for higher output
    • JetCOOL™ Available for super fast cooling cycles
  • Can be configured to mold PA6, PA12, PP, PET, PPS, PEI, or PEEK resin systems.
  • System is custom configured for the part size range and materials you specify
  • Patents Pending.

    > Click here to view the latest Press Release about PDMS
Mold & Tool Making
Mold building & program management
American Matrix is committed to superior product quality and customer service that exceeds expectations. Our commitment to the customer’s needs and dedication to our craft translates into rapid speed-to-market performance. Program management and concurrent engineering coupled with the latest tool building and molding technology allows us to add value to our clients’ projects.
Mold design
Our experienced designers utilize Solidworks™ and Cosmos software to create three-dimensional mold and tool designs. Combining advanced concepts with innovative design, SolidworksTM provides molding and tooling solutions that are unsurpassed in both quality and ingenuity. Choosing the right tool is the first step in making a program successful and American Matrix can help you take that step.

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