American Matrix offers a variety of products, from Tooling and Molds, to Parts and entire Molding Systems.
Thermoplastic Composites Products
Net shape molding
Many parts can be produced with this method. The net shape part requires little if any final machining, and conserves material better than other fabrication techniques. The fiber architecture can be manipulated and optimized, yielding a mechanically superior part.
Requires feature-rich matched metal molds. Molds are made from aluminum or steel depending on volume requirements and materials to be molded.
Near net shape molding
Parts produced with this method require machining and fabrication to realize final design features. Conserves material better than machined plate fabrication techniques and the fiber architecture can be manipulated and optimized for a mechanically superior part.
Uses lower-fidelity matched metal molds that are less expensive than those used in net shape molding. Molds are made from aluminum or steel depending on volume requirements and materials to be molded.

Fabricated parts
Made from plate and rod stock. Typically used for rectilinear parts and proof-of-concept parts. Costly to fabricate and machine parts in large quantities. The fiber geometry may not be optimal for some applications.

Bearings, Bushings, & Wear Plates
Can be made from specially designed near net or net shape molds. Often fabricated from plate or rod stock. Critical factors when considering these products are higher temperature resistance, chemical resistance, low friction, and/or high compressive loads.

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Technology & Equipment
Injection-molded products
American Matrix offers custom injection molding as a complementary service for our composites projects and custom production molding. We have over thirty years of experience in molding thermoplastics and thermoset materials. American Matrix is experienced in prototype, short-run, and long-run molding for commercial and military applications.
We specialize in:
  • Injection Molding
  • Engineering-grade Resins
  • Tight Tolerances
  • Unusual Configurations
  • Filled and Modified Resins
  • Insert Molding Assembly
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Mold design
  • Mold building

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